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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coventry Square

Coventry Square is a hardcore band from Sacramento. They feature some very heavy straightforward riffs that draw you in to their very heavy and aggressive brand of metal. The guitar work on this album is failry impressive. While a lot of riffs lack definition (As is the case in most hardcore) there are some bits filled in here that really blow my mind. Whether it be the trills under the chorus riff of The Sea King or the tasty acoustics that come immediately after this band has me pretty impressed. The bass is very solid and it even gets some of its own fills. When its not making yummy licks the bass helps give the main guitar riffs a lot more feel and helps mkae the band murky and doomy. The drums are very solidly done in particular I am fond of the drums at the beginning of ABZR. The growls themselves are really heavy stuff. The singer of Coventry Square has some of the greatest growls that I have heard in a long while and is a big part as to why this band is so cool. Overall there super heavy sound makes them reasonably unique and gives their music a lot of hate to fuel it.

OVERALL 9.5/10

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