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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wires Faulty

Wires Faulty is possibly the only band that cites Nickelback as a big influence and doesn't suck. Seriously, Wires Faulty has a very solid and very heavy sound reminiscent of Alter Bridge and Black Label Society. The guitar parts are fairly heavy and feature some nice riffs with plenty of tasty little fills attached to the end to the main riffs. I find these riffs to be very much like those seen in the playing of Zakk Wylde. they are heavy and feature some nice pinch harmonics. Then the solos are really really solid. While they don't shred often they make up for it in wahhed out awesome. The bass is fairly heavy and it helps give the band a bit more of a metal sound by making the group a bit swampier. The drums are pretty solid too but relatively generic. Then we have the vocals, half sung half shouted they could be better, but for what they are, they are fairly reasonable and help give the music a lot more energy. OVerall Wires Faulty is a very solid hard rock band that follows in the paths of some really great groups. go check em out.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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