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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For The Win

So when I saw this band was punk-pop I kind of dropped my head and cried. Then I truned on their music, and Oo its actually pretty impressive. With fun hip hop influenced piano pops mixed with simple but aggressive guitar riffs you get a fun sound that you want to dance to. The guitar riffs are very straightforward, I might even describe them as Ramones-ish. They have simplicity but they are still fun to listen to. The bass to has some pretty good parts in particular is the intro to The Proposal which features some fun bass riffing. The drums are pretty good too. And while not overly creative they definitely get the job done and make for cool music. The pianos are what really make this band amazing though. With a lot of hip hop influenced riffs this is what gives the music its dance-ability and catchiness. It's actually really really fun, yes I know I'm supposed to be a jaded metaller but this has reached my inner pop star (apparently I have on never knew it before) and made me want to dance. The vocals to are very good reminiscent of the vocals of My Chemical Romance or Blink-182. However these guys do occasionally use auto-tune to add some flavor to the music. Overall this band is pretty fun and creates an actually decent pop sound.
OVERALL 9.5/10

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