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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Hangman Militia

The Hangman Militia is a funky rock band that combines a variety of get a great and flavorful sound with tons of great songs. The band essentially has blues roots but there is a whole glam rock feel to the music that makes everything unique. The guitar riffs are really cool because the main riffs usually have a heavy blues feel yet the fills are more glam. This creates for some uniquely interesting and tasty guitar work. The bass parts are pretty heavy too and this gives the music a much more solid feel. The drums are very well done, I am particularly fond of the powerful drum riffs in Rock n Roll anthem. They really bring the music alive. The vocals in The Hangman Militia are fairly good but they seem kind of distant. The vocals help to bring out a lot more of the glam side of the band with their slightly whiny quality. Overal The Hangman Militia is a very solid act with a fun and distinctly listenable sound.

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