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Monday, December 19, 2011


Bandwhore is a ridiculously brutally metal band. They have everything a good blackened death metal band needs for a good record. They have poor production, amazingly heavy guitars, solid bass work, battered drums, and satanic lyrics. The guitar work is remarkable, there are a lot of really solid riffs here. But I feel that some songs almost have too many riffs and the tracks come out as slightly confused. Also the mixing of the guitars on some songs makes me dizzy when listening to this band with headphones on. Overall though the guitar work is very solid and the riffs are truly headbanging. The bass work on this record is pretty decent, and while admittedly you can't here a lot of it (this being blackened death metal and all) the connoisseur will notice how much it brings the bands sound down into heavier depths. The drum work on their demos is interesting because it features primarily battered 16ths on the toms which are interrupted by unique and interesting drum fills that show the full skill of the drummer. The vocals of this band are very well done and feature the twisted growls typical of the genre. I particularly like the lyrics “F*ck your god, F*ck Jesus Chris F*ck Your Religion” This really helps to show the full brutality of the band. In conclusion Bandwhore is a killer blackened death metal band featuring some great riffs and sick growls.

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