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Monday, December 19, 2011


Nembience is a killer melodeath band boasting an extremely aggressive rhythm section. One might describe their sound as “like In Flames only more aggressive” or in other words “Like In Flames only better” (note: I'm referring to Clayman era In Flames not the crappy new stuff). Yeah, Nembience is that good. The guitars of Nembience are a key aspect of their attack. Their high energy riffs make Nembience at once brutal, melodic and fun to headbang too. The solos feature some seriously heavy duty shredding. In brief, they take everything you love about the guitars in In Flames, so the melodic riffs, the heavier riffs, the cool solos, and do it better. The bass work on this record is much like that of Soilwork, it is very heavy and very aggressive but it could do with more of a role. The drums are extremely well done, they have a crazy no holds barred attack that make the band seem hectic. The growls are a bit heavier than those of In Flames but they are still very well done. They show a lot of skill and their fast pace helps boosts the bands attack. The clean vocals give the band a bit of a Scar Symmetry feel and are pretty well done. Overall, Nembience is basically everything In Flames should be.


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