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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Barren Waste

Barren Waste is an extremely cool experimental grindcore band with a sound like few other bands in the genre. They have tons of guitar riffs, a heavy bass, crazy drums, and disturbing growls. The guitar work on this album features a great combination of brutal riffs and crazy solos, and at all different tempos the ear is never bored. The bass work is extremely heavy and really helps keep the rhythm going. Also the bass intro to Patterns in teeth is AMAZING. The drum work is very good and it features a lot of tempos. Yet overall the shifting patterns and time signatures on this album can be rather confusing. And I understand this band is experimental, but I find some of this timing to be really screwy. The growls are sick and typical of the grind genres. As a whole I don't really like this kind of growl but I feel that in this experimental setting they come out ok. In brief, Barren Waste is a confusing experimental band with some really cool music and some great musicians a sound that I think I like.

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