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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Cloudyhead is a djenty band from St Louis. The guitar riffs are awesome and the bass parts are heavy, mean while the drums are very well done, overall it is a very impressive effort for a one man band. The riffs on this record remind me a lot of those that you hear on Animals as Leaders tracksey have a certain swirling quality that makes them awesome. And the music is just completely free, it is rather beautiful to hear guitar parts that were written with this level of complexity. The seven string guitar creates some very djent riffs and is really fun to listen too. The bass work is extremely solid, and while it could have more of a role, it does keep the music in line. The drum work is stellar and the crazy fills that cover all sorts of styles and atmospheres are amazing. From a purely drum perspective this album is amazing. Overall Cloudyhead is a great one man djent act totally worth checking out so do it!

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