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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Head of the Traitor

Head of the Traitor is a headbanging metalcore band featuring some really great breakdowns. The guitar work is pretty good, the bass is heavy, the drums decent, and the vocals rather good. All in all Head of the Traitor is a fun listening experience. The guitar work is probably my favorite part, while none of the riffs are totally insane they have a nice old fashioned metal core feel reminiscent of early Devil Wears Prada. The bass work is really well done, I might even describe the bass work as the heart beat of the band. The drums are fairly good, but they don't have anything that makes them especially unique. In fact that is a large problem for this band, finding unique sounds. The main unique aspect is the breakdowns which strike me as especially heaven and very frequent. The growls are decent and typical of the core genres, they have a shouty feel which helps add some aggression into the mix and get a cool overall sound for the band. In conclusion, Head of the Traitor is a decent metalcore band that could do more to be unique, but is still worth listening too.

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