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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Capture the Sun

When I saw the post music tag on Capture the Sun I kind of sighed and said “What have I gotten myself into?” But instead of having to listen to freaky slow notes rolling on top of each other I got the pleasure of listening to one of the greatest metal instrumental bands that I have heard in a long time. The music is very progressive and very fun to listen too. The guitar work is varied and shows a host of influences. The songs show a lot of technical skill on the parts of the guitarists and feature some really great riffs. Admittedly some of these riffs get over repeated and make your ears frustrated. The bass work is fairly solid and while it mostly just follows the guitar work it adds a layer of emotion to the band that normally would not be there. The drum work is pretty good, while overall it is fairly light, the job always gets done and the other instrumentalists always get a great rhythm pattern. Overall Capture the Sun is a really cool proggy instrumental band with some awesome riffs.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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