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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cassandra Syndrome

Cassandra Syndrome is a Maryland operatic metal band featuring female vocals. Yet remarkably, for members of the same genre they sound very little like Nightwish. This is partially because of their lack of a keyboard giving their sound a harder edge. The guitar riffs are rolling and very powerful. I am quite fond of them as they feature weird timings yet they are used in a very skilled way. The bass work is very solid, and when you listen in on the bass tracks its impressive to see how the bassist really holds the band together. The intro to None but Shadows really rocks and shows the bassist's full skill. Yet when the riff was repeated for the majority of the song it got a bit frustrating. The drums are solid and rather eclectic as they must be in an operatic metal band. The build up on the breakdown of The Magus is probably the drummer crowning moment as it really helps get the heads banging. My soul qualm is that occasionally the fills get too repetitive and the ear gets bored. The vocals are the only aspect of this band that is really similar to Nightwish. The singer sounds similar to Tarja, now personally I like Tarja so I am completely cool with this. And that is why I encourage you guys to come and check out Cassandra Syndrome.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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