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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oral Fistfuck

Oral Fistfuck is a brutal blackened death metal band from Winterthur, Switzerland. The guitar riffs are some of the heaviest that I have ever heard coming from 6 string guitars. There are some great little licks in here that add variation to the aural massacre that reaches your ears during the verses. They, with the solos, prove the technical skill of the guitarists and I find that very impressive. The bass on this EP is pretty well done but it could have more fills and be turned up a little. Drumwise this band is pretty standard of the death metal genre. The battered 16ths dominate the music, but there are a few rather tasty fills adding variation. The vocals for some reason remind of those of Nicholas Explosion the singer of Dethklok. They are actually pretty well done and get all of the METAL that you need in your music. Occasionally there are moments where the vocalist doesn't even sing he just makes twisted noises into the microphone. This is both good and bad and I can't really pass an opinion on it. The lyrics are ridiculously aggressive and help get the heads banging even harder. Still, I don't like some of the gorier lyrics as they feel poserish. Overall Oral Fistfuck is a pretty good blackened death band with some killer guitar riffs that are totally worth checking out!

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