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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Death Comes Pale

Death Comes Pale is a death metal band from Aarhus, Denmark. They feature brutal doomy guitars, a solid bass, heavy drumming and sick growls. The guitar work on this album is best described as a combination of Melodic death metal and black metal. A lot of the riffs have a nice symphonic feel to them lending them a bit of a Behemoth edge. Overall they are very well done and very aggressive. The bass work is fairly heavy, and while there is no special bass emphasis the 4 strings add a lot of soul to the band and help make them a lot heavier. The drumming is pretty killer, there are a ton of fills and while the drummer often just batters the toms or does simpler fills he can still rip off a sick lick now and then. The vocals are sick, they have a lot of the same torn up hatred felt in Suicide Silence's vocals. The lyrics are very well done and typically fairly satanic. If you listen to them you will find them to be quite enjoyable and well thought out. All in all Death Comes Pale is an awesome death metal band that is definitely worth checking out.

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  1. This was pretty awesome. Worst Metal album covers ever. My only question is… deathly hardcore and bad-ass can you be if it take you 2 hours to put on makeup everyday?