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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Curism is a metal band from Montreal. The guitar solos feature some major shredding, the bass gets more fills than the average metal group, the drums are eclectic, and the female vocals are fairly well done. The guitar features some really great riffs, they show good song writing skills and help give the songs a good atmosphere. Yet it is the solos that show the full power of the guitar, the guitarist of this band is a true shredder and from the intro solo of The Fall you know it. The bass work is very impressive and there are some nice riffs on every song. Its kind of cool to hear and the polyrhythms with the bass on this record are stellar. The drum work is really impressive too, there is a lot of variety in the drumming and it is very pleasing for the ear. The vocals are fair, I fear that on some of the choruses they could be more aggressive and punchy, but overall they are pretty well done and rather catchy. All in all Curism is a pretty fun band with a great sound that is definitely worth listening too.

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