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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Death Ape Disco

Death Ape Disco is a heavy rock outfit with one of the most bizarre band names that I have ever seen. They have a hard rock sound featuring some strong simple riffs a heavy bass, nice drums and great vocals. The guitar riffs are never very complex but they are very heavy and extremely fun to listen too. Riffs don't always need to rip your head off technically to be good, and these are a prime example of that. The bass work is solid and there are even some bass only lines which is cool. The rhythm figures are pretty straightforward so the drumming isn't really virtuoso quality. The vocals are pretty fun, and while they are not hugely melodic and the singer is not great he has a great shouty quality that makes his music seem very aggressive. Also, the choruses on this record are great and really fun to sing a long too. All in all Death Ape Disco is a solid hard rock outfit thats probably worth checking out.

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