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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So apparently theirs a French band called Eyeless and a Quebecois band called Eyeless, so at first I was very confused... But then I heard the proper Eyeless and promptly had my head ripped off. With a symphonic/jazz/experimental death metal sound Eyeless is not quite like anything that I have ever heard before. Their guitars are loud, and have some nice riffs. They are almost hidden behind the wall of chaotic sound though and this small bit of order under the rest of the chaos somehow makes the music even crazier. The bass work is very loud featuring lots of great riffs and probably a big part of why this band is so heavy. The drumming is extremely bizarre, it is at once technical and chaotic and thus very cool. The vocals are mostly growled however there are a few female parts and both are very well done. The growls are brutal, almost deathcore in nature and they too help add to the hectic feel of the music. All in all Eyeless is probably unlike almost any other band you have ever heard an I am not sure what to make of them.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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