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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fastlane Flower

Fastlane Flower is a deathrock band with an interesting sound that reminds me a lot of some heavier Nightwish. The guitar riffs are awesome and fun to headbang too, the bass is steady while the drums rock in the meantime the keyboards add a bit of padding to fill out the sound. The female vocals are rather well done and have a lot of fire in them. I particularly enjoy the guitar riffs because they have a timing that is a lot nicer to listen too than those in the symphonic metal bands this group emulates. The riffs are punchy and have a lot of variation too never leaving the listener bored. The bass riffs are simple but they add a layer of heaviness that the band really needs. The drumming is very solid, and some of the passages where the drummer is given free reign are just magic. The keyboards are well done, and asides from adding a layer of symphony they can also be hectic even aggressive! Vocally this band is great as the singer has a lot more fire in her singing than many other female vocalists. While her voice may not be as beautiful as the rest its a lot more fun to listen too. Overall Fastlane Flower is a cool band thats definitely worth checking out.

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