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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Karkaos is a Canadian melodic death metal band (another one I know) featuring one of the best sounds in the underground melodeath scene! They have some sick guitar playing, nice bass lines, amazing keyboards, great drums and some mindripping female vocals. The guitar work features a lot of cool riffs, however the guitars form the basis of the attack not the melody. That is not too say that there are no melodic guitar riffs, there are quite a few and they are all EXCELLENT. The solos are fairly good and very melodic I like how they show some nice technical chops too. The bass work is great and you can hear some amazing bass lines if you listen closely. The drum work is actually one of my favorite parts of this already awesome band. There are just so many different fills and rhythms going around that the music attains a whole new level of power. The keyboard work is undoubtedly the best part of Karkaos though. The riffs here take the Melodic in Melodic Death Metal to a whole new level! The keyboard lines are really what give this band the symphony it needs to be great. My favorite song keyboard wise is on the track The Tempest. The growls are stellar, admittedly you can sometimes tell the singer is female (partially because of some of the lighter growls) but they are still brutal and most excellent. I almost want to say that they are what would happen if the singer of In Flames was a girl. There are also some clean male vocals that are less common but still very good. In fact they remind me of the clean parts on the latest Devil Wears Prada album. In conclusion, Karkaos is an insanely awesome Melodic Death Metal band with a godly keyboardist. All you metalheads out there MUST check this band out!

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