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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pauper Kings

The Pauper Kings is a rather interesting pop rock group with a sound that puts them a cut above the rest. The interesting thing about the Pauper Kings is the symphonic feel their music has, so even while the riffs are kind of generic and the bass and drum lines simple, the piano and the almost operatic vocals make the band unique. As I said, the guitar riffs are meh, usually in the vein of Coldplay or Radiohead. The solos however are decent and have a nice blues feel that you don't usually get in pop rock. The bass lines are typically pretty simple but they give the music a bit of depth. The drum lines are decent, they could have more fliar but they are rather going which is ok with the symphonic feel of the band. The keyboards are the aspect of the band that really draws me in, with their simple lines they seem to add layers of symphony to the band and make the music a lot more unique. The vocals are fairly good, while at first they seem rather generic the singer is actually rather remarkable for the long notes he can hold on the choruses to make the band feel bigger. Overall the Pauper Kings is a group that is very good when they decide to be unique, and decidedly average otherwise. They might be worth a listen!
OVERALL 7.5/10

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