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Friday, December 30, 2011

Semic Stains

Semic Stains is an aggressive metal band combining elements of thrash and death metal. The end result is a very powerful sound that features some sick riffs. The guitar work on this album is fun because there are simply so many good riffs and the attack is such that the headbanging never stops. Some of the fills are really well done and provide great hooks. The solos are pretty good, and there are a good amount of them, they help provide some relief from the brutal riffs during the verses and choruses. The bass work is pretty solid but I think that the bassist could have a much bigger role if he wanted. As is he adds some heaviness to the band, but not a lot. The drum work is great, the crashing symbols make it feel like the band has gone completely mad and has almost nothing holding them together. The vocal lines are pretty good, the growls remind me a lot of those from the singer of In Flames. There are a couple spoken lines that add some flavor to the music and almost add a prog feel. All in all Semic Stains is a cool thrash/death band with some great riffs that are totally worth checking out.
OVERALL 8.5/10

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