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Monday, December 19, 2011


Underfield is a rather cool punk pop group featuring catchy guitar riffs, solid bass work, oddly heavy drumming, the occasional keyboard fill and decent female vocals. The guitar riffs are typically the most punk pop part of the band along with the keys. The riffs are simple and straightforward but they are very catchy and fun to listen too. The guitar creates a wall of sound and gives the band a nice flavor. The bass work is pretty solid and it mostly follows the drum work helping to make an exceptionally tight rhythm section. The drum work is nice because it shows a lot of creativity in its fills and pulls the band out of its generic punk pop tag. The keyboards are pretty well done and while not omnipresent they are there pretty frequently. Usually the riffs are gentle and simply there to add a layer of catchiness. But on some tracks the piano parts are very well developped and mature. The female vocals of Underfield are decent yet they seem like they would be better used heading a symphonic metal band. The lyrics are pretty mature Still they help to create a nice sound. Overall Underfield is a rather nice sounding punk pop group with all of the clich├ęs of the genre but also a lot of maturity which comes through in some of their more developed songs.

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