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Friday, December 30, 2011

What She Deserves

What She Deserves is an interesting metalcore band with some of the most aggressive vocals that I have ever heard. Asides from this the guitars are very heavy and have some great breakdowns. Meanwhile the drums and bass are pretty solid and straightforward forming a good basis for the sound. Yet it is the vocals that really make everything METAL. They are simply aggression incarnate, you guys know I listen to a lot of heavy stuff, yet something about the vocals of What She Deserves approaches a new, much higher level of anger. Meanwhile the clean vocals are frankly, generic, but definitely not bad at all. The guitar work is decent and some of the riffs are cool, the breakdowns are reasonably well done but nothing to special. The solos are pretty well done and some of them have a bit of a Trivium feel which is pretty cool. The bass work is best in the breakdowns where the bass makes everything ten times heavier. The drums are average, however the intro too If You Knew Me is really well done. All in all What She Deserves is a fairly good metalcore band with surprisingly aggressive vocals.

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