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Monday, December 19, 2011


Subversion is a very heavy rock band featuring a lot of nice riffs, decent bass parts, cool drums and thrashy vocals. The guitar riffs on this record are great, the downtuned guitars produce some pretty brutal riffs that are occasionally in the vein of bands like Five Finger Death Punch. The solos are decent and they show off some pretty great shredding at times. Yet after a point the guitar work starts to lose its originality and become a pain to listen too, more originality would be welcome in this band. The bass is remarkably heavy and thats a big reason why the bands general sound is so low. The drum work is very creative and the drummer uses A LOT of different fills to the point that it's impressive that he can remember them all. The vocals are decent, typically the singer does a thrasher shout but then he breaks down into more melodic vocals. This creates a nice Yin Yang dynamic within the band. All in all Subversion is a very solid hard rock band with lots of great riffs and a very aggressive sound. They might be worth checking out.

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