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Monday, December 19, 2011


ViliFi is an alt rock band with a rather catchy sound and some fun guitar work. The guitar fills on their record are really great and rather fun to listen too. Still they could show a bit more originality in places. We see what the guitarist is capable of but we never get the full taste of his skill. In addition some of the songs seem to go in weird directions at times and that throws me off a bit. The bass work is pretty solid here and some of the bass work actually sounds more like stuff originally written for a rhythm guitar. This leads to some fairly unique sounds, and I'm not quite sure I like them. The drum work is rather simple and very straightforward and while not too technical it gets the job done well. The vocals are rather calm and while very passionate they seem to be lacking energy at times. Admittedly there are bits where the energy level is very high but I feel that overall ViliFi could do with an energy boost. In conclusion ViliFi is a decent alt rock band if you're into that kind of thing, but I feel theres a lot of potential they don't quite fulfill.
OVERALL 7.5/10

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  1. Curious where you saw them? I find their performances reflect the venue - it's all out, headbanging, energy driven at "321" - less so at "the pier", and tamer still at dayfests. I prefer metal but this band has something, and it gets better every time I hear them. If you haven't seen them since Dec, check them out again, VILIFI is definitely worth a 2nd look!