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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sithu Aye

Sithu Aye is a bizarre prog metal ban dwith some great djent tones that go a bit farther out than those of bands like Periphery and Animals as Leaders. This allows for a sound like few that I have heard before and a very interesting listening experience. Also, one of their song titles is a skyrim reference so YAY! The guitar parts dominate the music, the bass mostly adds rhythm, and the drums are pretty impressive. The solos on this record are pretty trippy and psychedelic, I prefer having some faster more to the point playing. Fortunately there is some of that and it nicely contrasts the more psychedelic side of the music. The rhythms are choppy and often dischordant, while this makes sense in the mathcore genre it really is kind of annoying on a non-mathcore fans ears, so take that as you will. The bass work is pretty decent but mostly hidden under the guitar, I feel that the bass in general could have a huge role in djent but not a lot people really use it. The drumming is decent and I like some of the more booming passages, while nothing is really mindblowing its all cool and worth listening too. All in all Sithu Aye is a pretty cool project with a decent sound that could be more appealing to the normal metal head.

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