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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jason Ross Evans

Jason Evans is a post rock musician with an interesting sound that reminds me a lot of Mogwai. The guitar parts are light yet interesting, the bass work is very solid and enjoyable, there is a little keyboard work here too, finally the drums are barely present but they do give a good beat. The guitar work on this record is intriguing, it's layered and features some really weird chords that sound surprisingly nice. The bass is solid, seeing as the guitar is extremely light we get to hear a lot of the bass work and the majority of it is very enjoyable. The keyboards are primarily symphonic in nature, however there are times (like at the beginning of From the Beginning) where the keyboard takes a more dominant role. Lastly, the drums, which are very light fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of this record, they are very light and their presence just adds in a layer of beauty to the music. All in all Jason Evans is a pretty great musician with a bizarre sound totally worth looking in to.

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