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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Mixture is an experimental djent band with a really cool sound. They have tripyy guitars, a heavy bass, a nifty drummer and bizarre vocals. The guitar parts start out as psychedelic but eventually evolve into harder more Periphery like progressions. There are not a lot of solos but the level of composition is on it's own rather impressive and worthy of respect. The bass work is pretty solid and shine on the acoustic bit. The drums (Done by a 14 year old I am told) are surprisingly good, the drummer handles the changes in tempo rather well considering his youth. There are times when he completely lays off the skins and just lets the acoustic passage build itself up until he comes gently back in (think the bridge of doubt). The vocals are distant and feel like they are not fully connected to the songs. This kind of bothers me as much as it interests me, it makes the music feel a lot less powerful and makes it harder for the listener to connect. All in all Mixture is a trippy djent band with sounds that are fairly unique, if you're into that type of thing check em out.
OVERALL 7.5/10

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