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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reflect the Chaos

Reflect the Chaos is an interesting progressive metal band with a bit of a djent flavor to them. The guitar parts are evolved and complex, the bass riffs straightforward, the drumming complex and the vocals are powerful. The guitar parts are probably my favorite though, there is a lot of development in the songs and some of the solos are really mindblowing. While the individual solo parts are pretty simple there swirling quality is what makes them great. The riffs are pretty cool and often show off a bit of a Gojira feel. The bass work is ok, but the bassist could have a bigger role in this band, yet what he does do (support the acoustic bits and solos) he does very well. The drum work is pretty complicated and the fills strike me as very long and flavorful. The drums are great to listen too is what I'm trying to say. Vocally this band is epic, their singer can really belt out a note and then hold it for a few bars, the fact that he does it often is enough to really bring this band to a new level. All in all Reflect the Chaos is a pretty cool group you probably would like!
OVERALL 8.5/10

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