Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Karnak Seti

Karnak Seti is an extremely solid death metal band from Portugal featuring a really cool Underoath type sound that permits some awesome headbanging. The guitar parts are riffing, the bass solid, the drums steady and the vocals pretty brutal. The guitar is honestly one of my favorite parts of this band, I love the riffs and the palm muting is really spot on. In addition to this the solos are very solid and lead to maximum metallitude. The bass work is also pretty cool, the bass is really at a perfect volume on this record, you can hear it and appreciate the work but it doesn't drag the band down into a black metal abyss. The drum work is ok, while there could be more fills and more creativity the drummer does a good job keeping up with tempo changes and he is pretty well mixed into the tracks. The vocals are growled and remind me of Underoath, there are some clean parts which are used to compliment the growls and give a bit of a power metally feel to the music. All in all Karnak Seti is an awesome death metal band that combines several metal influences to create one killer sound. Go check them out!


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