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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Midnight Realm

Midnight Realm is a symphonic melodic death metal band from Newcastle. Their sound can only be described as epic. The combination of the shredding guitar riffs, powerful bass guitar, the heavy drums, mindripping keyboards and brutal growls mixed with clean parts allows for some of the best melodeath that I have heard in a long time. The guitar riffs are probably my favorite part of this group, while they are rather simple from a theoretical standpoint they are completely metal from a listening point. The rhythm guitar shows off some really heavy too that really help make the music brutal. Part of what makes this rhythm section so aggressive is the bass that helps drag the band down just enough to touch them with evil. The drum work is truly incendiary too, I love how there are so many fills and some of them are just so beautiful it makes me smile. Yet it is the keyboards that truly make the band shine, their crazy riffs and varied solos take the band to an entirely new level and make them groundbreaking. Finally the vocals are excellent, the growls are very aggressive and really help to metallize the sound, another great aspect of them is their contrast with the clean vocals. This band reminds me of Scar Symmetry in the way that they use both growled vocals and clean vocals to create a balanced sound featuring some awesome choruses. In conclusion Midnight Realm is a FANTASTIC band that any melodeath fan should go check out right now!

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