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Monday, February 27, 2012


Aeterna is a heavy power metal band featuring some crazy guitar riffs, solid bass work good drumming and a nice mix of growls and clean vocals. The guitar work done by this band is pretty cool, a lot of the riffs remind me of bands like Hammerfall or Symfonia. Essentially, there's lots of great power chord riffs followed by uber fast shredding licks. This provides for a very cool guitar sound that I want to listen to for a long time. The bass work is pretty simple and straightforward, yet it is the bass that drags the band down into a metal oblivion in the heavier passages. The drum work is fairly good, but nothing to scream about, the drummer does his job and occasionally tosses in a nice lick but the rhythm guitar and bass seem primarily in charge of the rhythm. That is not to say the drumming is useless, for example the hectic drumming toward the end of Pray for us All is killer. The vocals are also pretty good, the growls are decent and fairly brutal, they add a lot of aggression to the band. Then the clean vocals have a bit of a Stratovarius quality, the problem is that they are not very well mixed at times which results in a tinny sound. Overall though Aeterna is a pretty solid power metal band with a sick sound that could do with slightly better mixing, so go check them out!

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