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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Carpathia To Forever Sleep

So, apparently I reviewed the wrong EP yesterday so today we get the eternal joy of MOAR CARPATHIA. For those who don't know Carpathia is a killer Black Prog Metal band from the depths of the midlands. Their latest EP shows all the musicians at their best. The guitar parts are simply killer, in particular the driving riff on To Forever Sleep is mind blowing. Meanwhile the guitarists great songwriting skill is shown in Finding it Hard to Contain a killer 14 minute track that really embodies the band at their best. The acoustic mastery on Where the Silence Dwells is really cool because it shows a whole new side to everybodies favorite unsigned prog act. The bass work on the album is pretty simple but as a whole it really manages to drag the sound down into the abyss on the heavier tracks while adding a beautiful layer to the acoustic piece. The drum work from Carpathia is varied and beautiful, it shows a virtuoso level ability with a combination of lighter acoustic parts with speedier black metal bits. I would like to conclude the instrumental section of this review by saying that the new acoustic parts are really cool and show a lot more flexibility in what used to be a very black band. The vocals are quite brilliant, the crazy Emperor styled growls are still there but now there is a whole new level of clean vocals that really give the band a lot more of a Dream Theater feel and show how vast their sound is. For me both types of vocals are excellent and both of them really help to make the sound unique. In conclusion, this new record from Carpathia shows a lot more flexibility from the band and proves how AMAZING they can truly be, so go like them on facebook and someone PLEASE SIGN THESE PEOPLE!

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