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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sorry no Sympathy

Sorry no Sympathy is a chuggy hardcore band from Laramie Wyoming. They have an exceptionally brutal sound and a lot of brutalized riffs. The guitar work from this band is some of the heaviest that I have heard in a long time. This band definitely makes it on the list of hardest hardcore bands of all time, that's all I'm saying. Yet the riffs are surprisingly pleasant to listen to and instead of coming across as boring chuggy brutalized junk like those in a lot of other Hardcore bands these riffs manage to hold onto just enough melody to make them cool. The bass work is exceptionally good and is a big part of what drags this band into its super hard abyss. The drumming is relatively straightforward and not extremely creative, yet in hardcore music the drumming needs to follow the rhythm more than it needs to be creative and that's what it does. The drummer does an exceptional job of keeping in time with these super heavy riffs. Finally the mix of clean vocals and growls are excellent. The clean vocals are pretty good but nothing to scream over, they provide a nice contrast to the super deep growls that dominate the music. The growls remind me a lot of those from bands like Emperor at times, they have a lot more of a black metal feel than a hardcore one. In conclusion Sorry no Sympathy is a pretty sick hardcore band featuring some of the most brutal riffs I have ever heard and some killer vocals that come together to create a highly enjoyable listening experience.

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  1. sickest band Ive ever herd in this state! and they're all bros too really chill.