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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Ahh here we go. We started off with some power metal, then some alt funk, and now we have tech death. Best night of reviews EVAR!

Abhorupt is a tech death band very much in the realm of Revocation. They have blaring guitars, destructive bass, killer drums and super brutal growls. The guitar parts have a lot of the extreme metal glory that makes bands like Death Angel so good. The riffs are spiraling and extremely powerful. They feature a ton of pinch harmonics to compliment riffs that are truly aggressive. The solos are of virtuoso quality and really prove the technical capabilities of the guitarist. Then we have the bass work which is very heavy, the bassist is probably a big reason as to why this band is so loud and powerful. His playing underlines the guitar riffs and makes everything so much more brutal. The drum work is hectic and fast and captures the craziness felt throughout this band's music. Finally we have the vocals, they are a bit more heavy than is the norm for the genre, but they are still very good. Their sheer might helps to make this band even crazier. So yeah, come and worship at the dark altar of Abhorupt, you won't regret it!

PS. I will be disappearing for a few days... don't worry!

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