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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Louder Space

Louder Space is a bizarre Reggae-ish alt rock band featuring a nice bluesy undertone. The instruments are mixed roughly equally and this creates a very cool sound. The guitar work is usually pretty simple, arpeggios and chords and whatnot but it is still most tasty. It adds a lot of melody to the music. Then we have the bass work which is excellent. It is so heavy it forms a pivotal part of the group. The bass truly defines Louder Space's sound. The drum work is pretty straightforward and pretty light. Yet it accurately reflects the music. It is in the drums that we get a lot of the reggae beat coming down on us. Finally we have the vocals, they are rather soft and feel trippy. They are not exceptionally beautiful, yet somehow they just fit the music. That's all I can say about this band. All of the parts are ok, yet they fit together and create a surprisingly good sound! I have to say that these guys are extremely diggable! So go check them out! This band Rocks!

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