Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, March 31, 2012

In Virtue

In Virtue is a proggy power metal act that has some truly mind ripping material. The guitar solos are spectacular, the bass work heavy, the drums on point, epic keys and the vocals soar. In short, In Virtue is pretty much the ultimate power metal band. The guitar work on their record is just perfect, with a combination of galloping lines and shredded licks topped off with anthemic power chords. Every song has a killer solo and proves the Bach-like mastership of the guitarist. This stellar mix of guitar sounds creates some of the best power metal I have heard in a long time. The bass work is extremely solid driving the music along. The bass part in Suspense of Disbelief is the one thing that keeps the song moving ever forward. Then we have the drums, which show all of Portnoy's virtuosity. The drummer proves he can manage both hectic fast beats as well as add atmosphere to quieter moody bits. Then we have the keys which mostly come in as a symphonic instrument. Yet some of the keyboard solos here are truly excellent and extremely tasty. Then we have the vocals, while the majority are soaring beautiful female lines there are also some death growls to add depth to the music. In conclusion, In Virtue is probably among the best power metal bands out there, signed or not, In Virtue are true power metal masters.


  1. A spectacular group of musicians with excellent performance!! Keep up the great work!! TGM

  2. I first listened to the album after opening for them at their show last Friday, and I must say it's one of the most entertaining power metal albums I've ever heard. These guys will go places.