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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Abattoir of Vigilants

Abattoir of Vigilants is a blackened death metal band that is, to say the least, very Trve. This band reeks of the influence of kvltists from Norway. The guitar riffs are typically solid death metal riffs with a drive. The fills are all rather brutal and have an almost deathcore feel at times. The bass work is very solid and really shines in the staccato riffing in songs like Porcelain Eyes. The bass really does a good job of bringing the sound into a blacker morass of metal. The drumming is very solid and features a lot of crazy fills especially under the guitar breaks. Finally we have the vocals that come out as sick and disturbed as many of the blackest black metal bands. The screams sound tortured and rent, and really bring the music down to earth. They have a very trve black metal feel. Finally I'd just like to note the production, again, I know you guys are trying to be trve, but please ameliorate the production. The songs are all very good, and I think that with a little more production you could get your music out to more people. To conclude, Abattoir of Vigilants is a very cool, very kvlt band that all trve metallers should check out!

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