Chuck Schuldiner Project

Friday, June 22, 2012

Machina Caelestis

Machina Caelestis is a cool hardcore alt metal band featuring the brutal riffs of bands like Five Finger Death Punch and a level of intensity only matched by bands like This Deafening Whisper. The guitar work is brutal and the riffs are extremely powerful, and the solos are pretty technical. And yet the poor production hurts their overall sound. I feel that with a little better production this band could become a lot more effective. If the true power of the riffs came across on a crisper soundscape this band would be so much better. As is, the sound is to muddy to feel any true brutality. The bass work is very heavy and helps to shove some of the riffs down your throat. It seems to be the least hurt by the poor production, yet it could still do with some tweaking. The drum work is excellent and definitely has me headbanging, its got a crashing full speed ahead glory that is a joy to listen too. The vocals are a combination of growls and cleans. While the growls are excellent and Schuldiner-like in quality, the cleans could do with some tweaking. Overall though Machina Caelestis is a good band that with a little work can become a great one.


  1. Might I also add that most of the guitar work was actually done on bass as we have two bass players. Once again, thank you for the review.

  2. Great band and I agree the drummer is awesome.