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Friday, June 1, 2012

Anemic Rose

Anemic Rose is a melodeath band from right by where I used to live in the states. Their sound is proggy, but not djent, heavy but not br00t4l, in other words, they are a melodeath in the old style, a melodeath band that does not try to hide behind anything, they just make raw brutal melodic death metal. The guitar work is excellent with a nice mix of dreamy progressive parts and brutal guitar riffs. I particularly like the intro solo to Scandia. The bass is also fairly solid and helps to keep everythign together. It would be nice to hear a few more bass fills, but I understand that it does not go along very well with the music. Then we have the drums, while overall they are pretty good the production is not as good as it could be and the drums sound horribly dull. In particular the bass drum is very weak, thus hurting the drive of the music. The vocals are fairly good, but could be turned up higher in the mix. The lyrics are excellent and show a lot of depth. In conclusion Anemic Rose is a death metal band that with a little better production could become great.

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