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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Color Glass

The Color Glass is a heavy prog band, with a sound that combines old school prog with more modern djent tones for an interesting overall sound. The guitar work is often very djenty, yet it often lacks the true brutality of a modern prog act. This lack of brutality allows for a sound that can be a lot more varied and interesting than a normal djent band might normally have. The solos and fills are all tight and wonderful to listen too. They blend in nicely with the bass work. The bassist manages to get a lot of excellent djenty rhythms in and really makes the music a joy to listen too. The drums have a great variety of fills and are a big part of what keeps the band's sound palate so wide. It is interesting to hear a band capable of harnessing so many different genres. Finally we have the vocals which are notable for the natural progression they have from cleans to screams, its really quite interesting to hear the build up in each track. In conclusion The Color Glass is an excellent prog band that you must check out!

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