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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Post 500

So here we are, post number 500. Suffice to say it has been quite the adventure. When I started this blog I was just a kid who was just getting into metal. Now I am renown as the guy who listens to music with those weird growly vocals no one else understands. If you told me when I started this blog that I one day I could go into a chain store and buy a shirt for a band I've interview I would not have believed you. But I have. I have changed profoundly due to this blog, and I hope that I have given you some cool stuff to listen to. I know that maybe my writing isn't as great as some, and that my knowledge of the metulz might not be as vast as others, but you guys read my stuff, week after week. In the future, the sight design is going to change and everything will become a lot more accessible. This could eventually turn into my real job, and obviously I'm thrilled about that. So, thank you all, and stay brutal.


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