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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dirty Works

In my last review I praised Sirens for their novelty and controversial style. While novelty is a great thing when its done right, sometimes it's best to stick with what works. Dirty Works sticks with a tried and true formula, no gimmicks or oddities here, just straight up, fun, rock music.

The photos on the bands page paint a bit of a different picture than the music itself. The art and logos for the band shout classic rock to me, "classy" rock music if you will, something with perhaps a darker, more rock and roll vibe. Instead, what you get is a noisier, more upbeat and uptempo flavor of rock in contrast to the rounded, more punctual sound of classic rock a la the Scorpions, Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, etc. At times, the sound almost forays into mainstream punk area with the chord progressions / rhythms. The end product is a set of four fun, if a touch bland songs for most anyone to enjoy.

There's something oddly specific and a bit insignificant about Dirty Works that really appeals to me, and that is their choice in instrument tones and the recording quality. Instrument tones have always sort of fascinated me and have made me buy some albums and skip others. Dirty Works really nails this with sparkly lead guitar tones, a solid "buzzy" rhythm guitar sound, and a full, but not bloated and obtrusive bass sound. The drums are not quite fuzzy enough that it affects their coherency, and the vocals are fairly smooth.

The culmination of a classic style with some really solid textures and sounds produces a strong four song set that is definitely worth the time it takes to listen to.

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