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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Open Wide The Sky

Open Wide the Sky is a rather creative prog band in a scene where a lot of the bands are starting to sound the same. With a progressive metal sound that is both technically impressive and catchy they manage to stay away from a djent label by keeping to riffs in the style of bands like Disillusion. The guitar work is only a tad djenty, but very technical. The songs are all very well composed and a joy to listen too. The bass work is excellent and particularly shines on the slower choruses. In particular the chorus of Tower Falls has a great part that really brings the song to the next level. The drum work is rather technical and sounds very similar to Portnoy's heavier stuff. The growls are good, yet they do not seem to be the proper fit for the music, I imagine this band would be much improved with at least some clean vocals. Overall though Open Wide the Sky is a killer prog act that breathes new life into an overstimulated scene.

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