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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eater of the Sky

Eater of the Sky is a rock band in the vein of Primus, they have a varied sound that incorporates both rock and metal elements to create a notable sound. The guitar work is very solid and there is a nice combination of riffs, from the metallurgy of the outro from Sail the Skies to the sweet acoustics and bouncy riffs of Dewy Dun' Dance the guitar is excellent. The variety is great and the rhythms are oh so tasty. The bass work is shines in songs where the funky rhythms are more emphasized. This gives the bands overall direction a lot more power and flavor. The drums are often crashing and thus very rock and roll. Some passages have the beautiful simplicity of a White Stripes song while others show off some more complex and varied rhythms. The vocals are pretty simple, but they do use the occasional scream for dramatic effect. This usually plays out well for them and helps to make the group more unique. In conclusion Eater of the Sky is a cool rock band that fans of modern rock would really dig.

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