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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Imbalance

Our Imbalance is a powerful core band with a sound any American Metaller will love. With an interesting mix of heavier elements and more standard metalcore maxims this band is brilliant. The guitar work is extremely brutal and the breakdowns come hard and fast. The effect is mindripping and the overall power of the music is impressive. The riffs are pretty well thought out and have a lot of the classic Chuck Schuldiner might behind them. They seem to have more of an old school death metal feel than most modern core bands. The bass work is heavy and it particularly shines on the breakdowns where everything is pulled down into a deep dark pit. At other times it just drives the music forward like in the intro of Try to Please. The drums are pretty standard, however they show off a decent variety of fills and they help to make the sound interesting when the guitars are blaring away. Vocally this band is split into three parts. With growls that are first reminiscent of Suicide Silence and Then August Burns Red it allows us to hear different types of screams. This is just another factor that helps to build up the complexity of the sound. The clean vocals are pretty good and are a step above those of many metalcore bands. Overall Our Imbalance is an excellent metalcore band that really proves the effectiveness of a good breakdown.

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