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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Deafening Whisper

  This Deafening Whisper is a tight hardcore band in the vein of Suicide Silence and All Shall Perish. The guitars are blaring, the bass thudding, and the blast beats booming while the guttural growls destroy your eardrums, in short This Deafening Whisper is the perfect hardcore band. The guitar work is extremely brutal and the riffs are pretty crazy. Yet the lighter bits are also well put together and are rather symphonic in texture with lots of guitar synths. The bass work is heavy and comes across especially well on the breakdowns. While not a dominant force it definitely plays a large role in the band. The band also has minor keyboard parts which add in some nice melodies that can be a bit reminiscent of All Shall Perish's latest album. The drum work is extremely fast and brutal and shows off some great technique. It's really cool to hear some of these super creative licks! Finally we have the vocals which show a nice combination of growls and cleans. While the growls are excellent and show off a cool old school deathcore vibe the cleans are a lot weaker and are more in the line of old DWP type stuff. In conclusion, This Deafening Whisper is a great hardcore band most metal heads will love.

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