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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stream City

Stream City is a killer gypsy metal band that is simply to die for. With a sound that is folk influenced but not vikingesque Stream City is unlike anything you have ever heard before. The guitar work is both brutal and melodic. The folk melodies dominate the music and give everything a very celtic vibe. Then the crazy riffs come in and add some thrash metal magic to the music. The bass work is rather heavy and really comes in on the thrashier parts. It is also an excellent addition to the rhythm in trickier parts like the intro of In Limbo. The drumming is stellar and gets both the old folky vibe and the modern craziness. The overall sound is very jumpy and exciting, it's really fun to listen too. The violin work is very folksy and also rather hectic with a crazy attack reminiscent of bands like Blunderbuster. The keyboard work is a little less present, but when it is there it's brilliant, heavy and melodic it adds a whole other layer to the music. Vocally this band is also excellent with a combination of melodic vocals, shouts and growls. Together they form an interesting whole that will not leave you bored. In conclusion, Stream City is a great band that you really need to check out if you like any form of folk metal.

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