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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Temptations Wings

Temptations Wings is a brutal thrash band from the state of Tennessee. Their sound is dominated by roaring guitars, pushed along by thudding bass riffs, with an engine of sheer drum energy going right below it. The vocals ride along the top adding a old fashioned thrash feel to the whole thing. In short, Temptations Wings is very, very, good. The guitar riffs are brutal and have a certain sludgy might to them. Better are the solos which show off a lot of technical skill while also providing good gaps in the songs. The bass work is very sludgy and pushes the music along slowly and almost painfully, yet it always gets the band over the hump. The drum work is very well done and it shows off a lot of nice fills with songs like Conqueror of Giants where a solid drum fill drives the band through the breakdown. The vocals are doomy and sound like a combination of Celtic Frost and Bathory, in other words, even though there is a thrash metal side they also have a wonderful old school black metal taste. In conclusion, if you're any kind of metalhead listen to Temptations Wings, their sound is brutal and reminiscent of the old masters. Check them out now!

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