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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


BlackWolf is one of the few modern bands that really gets rock and roll right. With simple swirling riffs they draw you in and never let you go. Their sound is instantly unforgettable, this band is destined to be great. The guitar work is not super complex but the riffs are brilliant. With all of the majesty of the great Slash the guitarist manages to create a huge soundscape. His playing is very rock and roll, something you do not find in many guitarists these days. When he pops out a solo it's fun to hear him lay back and effortlessly pull out an awesome sounding lick. The bass work is solid and it really compliments some of the guitarists' finest riffs. One key example of this is in the song Stairway Ticket where the bass provides a firm grounding point for the band to base itself around. The drums are hectic and crazy and feature many solid and pounding John Bonham styled fills. The dummer proves that classic hard rock is not dead, and there are still men defending the faith. Finally we have the vocals, swooping and soaring the vocalist of this band is a true rocker. His voice is filled with energy and is not something that you will soon forget. In conclusion, BlackWolf is an AWESOME rock and roll band filled with a power that is hard to find these days. So go check them out!

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