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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Puppet Kings

Puppet Kings is a nifty rock band with a straight up garage feel. The music is usually pretty laid back and it shows three guys just having fun with some good old rock music. The guitar work is very tasty and the riffs are fantastic. My only concern is that occasionally the mixing makes the guitar playing a bit muddy, especially in the heavy parts. Otherwise the guitar playing is cool and chock full of cool licks. The bass playing is great and there a lot of nice fills. This being a three piece the bass has an extra large role to play and it fulfills it's duties perfectly. It fills up the sound and makes it a lot more powerful. Unfortunately it suffers from the same muddiness as the guitar. Overall though, it is very well executed. The drumming is rather complex and there a lot of really cool sounds coming from behind the kit. The overall simplicity of the sound betrays the mastery behind the kit. Whether its tense build ups or crashing Meg White style attacks this drummer is really fun to listen too. The vocals are put out cleanly and very pleasing on the ear. The singers voice has a certain beauty to it that makes you not want to stop listening. This band just sounds like they're having fun and making some great tunes to share. You should really check them out!

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